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i cant find another way to contact you, my order has not arrived

Nice coat

This coat is truly lovely. After my brother initially purchased the XL size, he found it to be too big, and thus exchanged it for the Large size, which fits perfectly.

Great All Around Jacket

This jacket has a fantastic texture, and its inner pockets are ideal for carrying everything I need while riding. Whether I'm cruising on the interstate or facing 40-degree weather, this jacket is just perfect, even without the liner. The zippers are durable and work smoothly.

This is an excellent jacket for riding.

Genuine heavy-duty leather.

Quality at a great price.

I decided to buy this jacket due to its reasonable price and its appealing style that matched my preferences. On my inaugural outing with the jacket, the weather was chilly at 40°F with rain, but I remained comfortably warm and dry throughout

Good jacket, just what I was looking for.

I have only worn this jacket a few times, but it has been excellent so far. I live in the northwest, where temperatures can be 50 degrees on my way to work and 70 degrees on the way back home. The thick leather material keeps me warm when needed, but it also provides good ventilation when it gets too hot. It's a cool jacket, although it wasn't exactly what I had anticipated. It fits as advertised and is definitely a great jacket for its price.

Very good quality workmanship & materials.

I am fond of this jacket, although the hand pockets could use some improvement

Like Comfortable Armor

This is now my preferred jacket. It offers ample storage and fits perfectly. Despite having broad shoulders and a bit of a belly, I can wear it comfortably without any issues!

This company is Grade A

I purchased a jacket, and it exceeded my expectations. The quality is outstanding, and I absolutely love all the items I bought. I feel like I should pay someone extra for this exceptional product. This is truly heavy-duty gear


This jacket is beautifully designed, Recommended

This is a real motorcycle jacket.

The leather quality is great. Thick heavy leather like a real motorcycle jacket is supposed to be. It offers the best in protection. Is a good fit also.

Present leather jacket

Enhance your unique personal style with this fantastic leather jacket. Its timeless and classic design ensures it will always remain fashionable.

The leather exhibits exceptional durability, breathability, and remarkable resistance to the elements. This was evident during my initial wear of the jacket when I got caught in a massive downpour. Surprisingly, the jacket not only withstood it but seemed to embrace the rain, almost asking for more! It's quite likely the heaviest leather I've ever owned, a testament to its thickness and superior quality.

It's a nice jacket that seems durable

This leather jacket is crafted with top-tier quality, specifically designed for motorcycle riding. Not only does it exude a stylish appearance, but it also offers crucial protection and comfort during your journeys on the road.

Awesome jacket! Don’t hesitate to buy

This riding jacket is undoubtedly among the finest I've ever possessed. Its quality is simply amazing, and its appearance is truly remarkable. Moreover, the sizing is spot on, as the large size fits me perfectly. For reference, I stand at 6'0" and weigh 200lbs.

Surpassed my expectations by a mile.

I received this jacket and conducted a thorough inspection, carefully weighing it. It features YKK zippers and is crafted from milled top-grain cowhide. The weight of the jacket aligns precisely with their specifications. I must say that I am more than satisfied, and as a Marine, the highest compliment I can give is "outstanding!"

Excellent quality

This product is specifically designed for motorcyclists. The size fits me perfectly, although it feels a bit tight around the gut, which I believe is my own issue. The leather quality is truly excellent, and while it's a bit heavier than expected, it remains supple. It's exactly what I was searching for, and considering the price, it's truly amazing. In fact, I have never come across a better jacket, regardless of the price.

Very Good!!! Buy it

This jacket is simply unbeatable, there's nothing better!


Opt for extremely durable leather - precisely what you're looking for. An added bonus is the zip-out lining, despite its thinness.

First time with Divergent Retail and could not be more happy.

I am a large individual, and I must say, this jacket from Divergent Retail Leather is of exceptional quality. It's my first time trying their products, and I couldn't be more delighted with my purchase.

Great quality

I had to go up one size from my original order, but the fit is fantastic now that I've received the larger size.

It fits great

Just acquired a 3XL, and surprisingly, it's not too shabby. Impressive quality considering its price.

Awesome leather jacket!

Absolutely fantastic leather jacket! It's both stylish and incredibly comfortable. The price is unbeatable for the level of quality you'll receive. It fits just as advertised.

Excellent craftsmanship, great fit

This leather jacket exhibits excellent craftsmanship, offering a great fit and a highly stylish look. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it impressively provides exceptional warmth, especially with its fantastic zip-in liner. I even rode without a fairing in 50-degree temperatures and didn't experience the slightest chill. Without a doubt, this is the finest leather jacket I have ever owned.

You will not be disappointed!

This leather jacket is by far the finest I've ever possessed. Your Leather brand has won me over, and I'm now a dedicated fan. I eagerly look forward to acquiring multiple jackets from your collection in the future.